Several studies show that living at high altitudes can bring several benefits, as it is an environment that guarantees reduced exposure to pollutants. Air of Italy aims at giving anybody in the world the opportunity to breathe pure air at any time.

The environment and people’s health are severely damaged by smog and pollution. With this product we would like to solve this problem and protect nature’s balance. Breathing well is vital to out health, for both body and mind. It does not just make it possible to relax body and mind, but also to reduce tensions and stress due to a hectic lifestyle with too much smog. It is therefore very important to know what precautions we can take to protect our lives; this is why we created Air of Italy. The pure air from the Dolomites will not just be beneficial to our lungs, but will also reduce every day’s stress. An inner well-being to collect more energies and get more concentration.


Fresh air in aluminium containers with no propellants and recyclable packaging for an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. Air of Italy has always been complying with the top-quality Italian manufacturing processes. All of our products are manufactures in Italy in cooperation with the leading companies in the ISO-certified bottle industry. The extraction areas are selected every time after a careful analysis of the atmospheric and weather conditions to guarantee the best available air. Air is extracted with a specific compressor and is the filtered and dried in order to ensure top-level quality and purity.


The air is extracted in a selected area with a specific compressor and is filtered, dried and transferred in special containers at the same time with pressure up to 200 bar. The pressurized air collected is then transferred into our sealed bottles thanks to a special automatic filling machine.

Air has no more contact with the external environment during the transfer process and this makes it possible for it to keep the same conditions as when it was extracted, to make sure the air is 100% pure and uncontaminated.

Air of Italy
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