Air of Italy, totally eco-friendly technology

Bottling process

The air is extracted in a selected location with specific equipment and it is simultaneously filtered, dried and transferred into specific pressurized bottles.

The bottles are transported to our headquarters and the air is transferred from the collection bottles into our special sealed bottles thanks to our mechanic equipment for automatic filling.

There is no contact between air and external environment during the process: this makes it possible for the air properties to remain unchanged as when it was extracted, all this to ensure 100% uncontaminated pure air.


Air of Italy has always been complying with top-quality standard and production processes in the Italian manufacturing industry: our standards are the highest, based on our long-standing Italian tradition. All of our products are manufactured in Italy in cooperation with the most important suppliers in the ISO Certification sector. Our product is top-quality: the extraction areas are selected individually, based on a careful analysis of the atmospheric and weather conditions in order to guarantee the best air ever. The air is extracted with a specific top-range made-in-Italy compressor, although the air is already pure and crystalline, it is filtered and dried to ensure utmost quality and purity.

Air of Italy: the best bottled air ever!

A precise and constant air delivery for every inhalation through a practical dispenser.

Pressurized aerosol to protect content from moisture and pathogens.

Pressurization, temperature, moisture and filtering: every step is carefully checked.

Cleanroom processing ensures a controlled environment during the packaging stage and thus a safe finished product.

Fresh air in aluminium bottles, with no propellants and with recyclable packaging for an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

Comfortable to use and to carry, functional and hygienic in everyday situations.

Air of Italy
it Italian
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